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Our next meeting is March 20. The demo Artist for March will be Christina Yielding..

In her words: I was introduced to the art world about 14 years ago. From the first time I put color onto that blank endless possibility called a canvas, something magical happened. Over the years that magical process has had its way with me, leading me from a hobby to a career. Painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and integrity, and has proven to be a most amenable vehicle for translating my inner vision to an outer reality.

I paint solely on wood and custom build each frame around every piece. No paint technique is crafted using a variety of scrapers. The preparation is an art in itself. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, my subconscious is the undisputed project manager.

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Christina Yielding
March 2018
Artist: Christina Yielding
Abstract Acrylic on wood
April 2018
Artist: Frank Sowells
May 2018
Artist: Nel Dorn Byrd


RCAS has several workshops scheduled every year by accomplished artists - both local and national.

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SHOW 2017

Features works from high school age students living in the Richardson ISD area. The show runs from December 1 thru January 6th.


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Best of Show - Ann Hardy

RCAS 51st Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition and Sale
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We have several shows each season, including a show for local high school students and a well-regarded regional show for all Texas artists.

Show dates for the current season are listed on the Shows page.

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Highlights of February Meeting, 2018

Beverly Boren was our guest demonstration artist at our February 20th RCAS members’ meeting. She was born and raised in Texas and now resides in Trophy Club, Texas with her husband Ben. She is a signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society and the Southwestern Watercolor Society. She is also a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, and American Watercolor Society. Her work is primarily the result of her need to paint. Inspiration can come at any time and in any place. She is not confined to one subject area. She loves to paint a variety of subject matter as well as working in various mediums. Bev's paintings are created with things that capture her eye whether it's a still life, landscape, or capturing a person's personality. Painting is her way of connecting with the world and the people around her and sharing those experiences along the way.

In her words "Trying to describe or explain my efforts at painting or drawing seems like a futile effort. After all, I want my work to express itself without the necessity of words. My best hope is that my work will stand simply on its own and find a connection with viewers where words fail". Bev's demo at our meeting included two watercolor paintings; a snowy landscape and a cute little bird. Beginning with the landscape scene, she made a small study to lay out the composition and values before beginning the painting. She had made a handy paint board prop by taping 3 foam core lengths together to make a sturdy wedge. She taped the paper to the board with artist’s white tape and used rubber liners on the table to keep the board from sliding. She dabs off her brush on a nearby sponge. Bev likes to use Alvaro Castagnet watercolor brushes, including a rigger brush. She makes a very rich dark color using Ultramarine Blue plus Alizarin Crimson. A tip she shared with us to test the color was to tilt your palette and if the color doesn’t run, it should stay pretty dark on the paper. She holds her brush near the top end to keep her strokes looser. She scrapes off paint to create tree branches and masks off areas to lift out a couple of straight trunks. She added Turquoise here and there on the painting and advised us to be bold! She Spritzes water with a spray bottle here and there to soften edges and she sometimes includes a bit of color in some spray bottles, like yellow ocher and Ultramarine blue, to add a gentle tint to the spray. Bev said that Holbein lavender is also a nice addition to a painting. She dabs in white paint to indicate the sky peeping through the trees. An insight she shared is that you don’t have to tell the viewer everything in your painting. A bit of mystery keeps them looking at your painting longer.

For the bird painting, Bev used a neutral tint to make a rough sketch, drawing in the initial bird angles, then filled it in. She scratched in some whites for the bird’s feathers. She reminded us that when we look at something, we focus in on one area. The surrounding area fades to out of our focus. Many times she crops a picture to make it smaller, or makes multiple paintings from one large one if they work better as such. Her hint for loosening up her painting is to time herself and stop when the time is up. Or, she sometimes sets her painting time for an hour, then 45 minutes, 30 and 15 on the same subject, but different paintings. Each time solves problems that you won’t have to solve the next time. You can see more of Bev’s work at

One of the many perks of RCAS membership is the chance to participate in the Painting of the Month competition at our membership meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Winners receive cash or gift certificates and the first place winner has the opportunity to hang their painting in the Artists' Showplace gallery for one month. Here are the winners from our February 20th meeting.