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Our next meeting is April 17. The demo Artist for April will be Frank Sowells, demonstrating acrylics.

April 2018
Artist: Frank Sowells
May 2018
Artist: Nel Dorn Byrd


RCAS has several workshops scheduled every year by accomplished artists - both local and national.

Check out the Workshops Page.

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SHOW 2017

Features works from high school age students living in the Richardson ISD area. The show runs from December 1 thru January 6th.


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• Click Here for List of 2016 Winners for Young Peoples/Student's Show

Best of Show - Ann Hardy

RCAS 51st Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition and Sale
Complete list of Winners and Slide Show.


We have several shows each season, including a show for local high school students and a well-regarded regional show for all Texas artists.

Show dates for the current season are listed on the Shows page.

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Highlights of March Meeting, 2018

March Demo Artist - Christina D. Yielding

Christina D. Yielding was our demo artists at our March 2018 Members’ Meeting. Christina’s artist training was 15 years of mistakes instead of art school. She builds her own wood panels, using a light-weight plywood after learning how heavy various wood boards can be. She cradles the boards on all sides with wood which she later paints to suit the painting. Christina gets her boards, paints of all types and colors, work gloves and tools from home improvement stores.

She can save money on the wood buying the scraps that are available at times. She uses Kilz primer with white as a base coat. She really enjoys painting with kids and keeps scraps of wood for them to paint on and bring home with them. If it looks messy, it is. She has actually begun to sell paint spattered jeans for adults and children! She enjoys having an audience to paint in front of, and often invites adults and kids to paint, as she did club members during the demonstration break. When adults shy away from trying, she reminds them that we didn’t have such inhibitions in kindergarten. Why now?

She uses a large spackling knife to trawl on spackle which give the board a surface to paint on. She’ll sprinkle sand in the paint for interesting textures. She asks friends to bring back real beach sand for her as the store bought is harder to spread around. Besides spackling knives, she uses a window cleaner’s squeegee to spread paint around, or cheap painting sponges. She uses plastic condiment bottles for the various paint colors, thinning the acrylic paints with water if necessary. Polyurethane in a bottle and squirted onto the paint helps the different colors stay separate instead of blending together.

Gold Dust added to the work can give them a metallic glow that is effective for a magical look with the right lights. A moving light across the wall where she propped samples of her work showed the effect well. She loves to try new things. Keeps the creative process exciting and full of surprises.

She'll tip a painting different angles to make paint flow in different directions.

She sprayed on water from a well-used spray bottle which helps to spread the paint and materials around on the support.

Her favorite reds are oil-based. They provide the richest colors.

This was the start of her third painting of the evening. Generally, she has more than one board ready to paint on, so she can stop before she overworks one and begin another.

The painting generally dries overnight. She’ll often coat it with a protective epoxy to bring back the colors and protect the surface. A painting tells her when it’s finished and can take an hour or a month. Signs her work with a Dremel tool. She likes to paint to music, as it helps her get into her zone and helps with her creative process.