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This year, due to COVID-19 we are having our monthly demos virtually. This allows us to invite national artist as well as our local artist.

October 20, 2020
Virtual Meeting

Our Demo Artist for for the October 20 meeting will be Cheri Christensen woking with oils, and focusing on Farm Animals in particular.

Cheri Christensen was born in Enumclaw Washington, a small rural town of horse, dairy and cattle ranches at the foot of Mt. Rainier. Cheri's grandfather was a cattle rancher there and he was a big influence on her choice of subject matter today. She attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and graduated with a B.A. from the University of Washington. Cheri study oil painting and drawing intensely for three years with Ron Lukas, a protege of Sergei Bongart, who taught in the tradition of the Russian Impressionists. Cheri concentrates on seeing and conveying the effects of color and light on form.

Cheri has been featured in several magazines such as American Art Collector, Western Art Collector and Southwest Art Magazine.

She currently has 5 videos available through Liliedahl Video Productions, " Straight Ahead," "Highlight," "Keeping an Eye Out," "Brushwork & Backlight" and her new video, "The Color of White" where she demonstrates both her brush and palette knife techniques. She is also featured in the books, "Art Journey, New Mexico," and "Finding your Visual Voice. A Painter's Guide to Developing and Artistic Style." She currently resides in Texas.

For more information visit her website at:: CheriChristensen.com


October 20, 2020
Cheri Christensen
Farm Animals

November 17, 2020
Jesse Lane
Colored Pencil

December, 2020
Christmas Party
January 19, 2021
Andy Evansen

Feburary 16, 2021
Soon Young Warren
Oils Cut Glass

March 16, 2021
William Schneider
Pastels & Oils
"How to Paint Eyes"

April 20, 2021
John MacDonald
Emotion in Oils

May 18, 2021
Jeff Legg
Still Life


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