Richardson Civic Art Society Show Archives

Here are some of the winning entries in our Young People's Scholarship Show,
January 2012

Show Chair:  Debbie Langham
Computer Support:  John Cheney

Judge:  Maureen Brouillette

This show is funded in part by the City of Richardson Arts Commission.

43rd Annual Regional Show

Ampersand Art Supply
Asel Art Supply
Beasley's Fine Art and Photography
John Cheney
Daniel Smith
Gamblin Artist Colors
Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
HK Holbein, Inc.
Investors Asset Management
Mr. Richard Erwin
Jack Richeson & Co., Inc.
Guerilla Painter LLC
Mr. J's Art and Frame
Pavillion Bank
Winsor & Newton




Lovely music was provided by
Jazz After All
Barbara McNutt, RCAS President
opened the reception with introductory remarks

RCAS Purchase & Gigantic Color Gold Award
"Waiting for the Parade"
by Barbara Elam
Pavillion Bank Medallion & Gigantic Color Silver Award
"Fibonacci's Golden Tree"
by Herb Reed

Winsor & Newton Award
by Bethany Gouldin
1st Place-Watercolor
"Pipe Dream"
by Dave Maxwell

2nd Place-Watercolor
"Kate and Nick"
by Sam Bailie
3rd Place-Watercolor
"Eight to Five"
by Nel Dorn Byrd

1st Place-Oil/Acrylic
"The Ays Have It"
by Judy Barrett
2nd Place-Oil/Acrylic
"Siena Backstreets"
by John Lapsitis

3rd Place-Oil/Acrylic
"After the Storm"
by Shari Hornish
1st Place-Pastel/Graphics
by Ted Houston

2nd Place-Pastel/Graphics
"Four Horses"
by Elisa Canfield
3rd Place-Pastel/Graphics
"Cannas II"
by Beth Shirley

1st Place-Collage/Mixed Media
"To See Time Fly #17"
by Bryce Lafferty
2nd Place-Collage/Mixed Media
"Beowulf's Dream"
by Lee Bowman

3rd Place-Collage/Mixed Media
"Mr Ed and Friends"
by Gail Delger
Honorable Mention-Watercolor: Jill VanderKolk "What Happened in Venice"
Honorable Mention-Oil/Acrylics: Eric Nelson "Girl in Red"
Honorable Mention-Pastel/Graphics: Pam Hardigree "Lola"
Honorable Mention-Mixed Media: Joely Rogers "Transformation"
Ampersand Art Award: Becky Parks "Sunflowers"
Daniel Smith Award: Junko Otsu "Bye Bye Black Bird"
Jack Richeson Award: Ann Gavin "Stars in Their Eyes"
Ampersand Art Award: Shari Hornish "Windy November"
Gamblin Artist Colors Award: Donna Sabolovic "Gratitude"
Jack Richeson Award: Susan Martin "Skinny Dipping on the Ranch"
Asel Art Award: Ann Hardy "Undersea Collage"
Golden Artist Colors Award: Jane Matwijecky "Supernatural BC"
Guerrilla Painter Award: Cecy Turner "Last Light On"
Asel Art Award: Jodie Baldwin "Opening Soon"
HK Holbein Award: Patricia Ann Bowler "Home for the Holidays"
Mr. J's Frame Award: Barbara Mussett "Spring Fireworks"
Beasley's Photography Award: Gisa Elwazir "Attracted to Light"
Investors Asset Management Award: Eunice Bridges "Desperate Housewives"
Rosemary Cheney Award: Bryce Lafferty "To See Time Fly #17"
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