Monday, May 20, 2024


  • Do I have to live in Richardson?  NO, you can live outside Richardson.
  • How much is the membership?  $35 per year, the best value for your dollar in town!
  • How experienced an artist do I have to be?  We welcome all artists, all levels, even give discounts for student artists.  Our monthly live demos are a great way for everyone to get tips and techniques to advance their skills.
  • When are your meetings?  We meet on the 3rd Tuesday night of each month, September thru May.  In person at Tower 2600 and on Zoom for anyone not able to come in person.
  • Can I enter shows?  Yes, all of our shows, (all year long) are open to members.   Many are members only.
  • Is this an established organization?  Yes, since the 1960’s RCAS has operated and been supported by the City of Richardson, Cultural Arts Foundation.  Visit our website for more. Use the button below.