LLUMC Art Reach Show


• The theme is “All Things I Love”

• Take in is Feb. 3rd, Pick up is April 21st

• This February to April show will focus on what we love, what inspires you to create art.

• As always we must comply with the regulations set for us by the city of Richardson, all works must be deemed family friendly.

• Art works that are entered in this show will come down before the Regional show goes up in April, so you can enter in both shows.  Since this is not a juried show it will not disqualify a piece from entering the Reg. show.

• Art reach will host a reception for us on date TBD

• Woo box is open now for entries, there is no entry fee for this show, however we are limited to 40 works so enter before Jan 14th, so the judging committee can make selections and notify participants.  To enter go to https://woobox.com/8sz63v

• If you are accepted you will be notified on Jan 15th, at that time you will be sent waiver and registration forms that will need to be sent in by you to Artreach no later than Jan 20th.