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MARCH 21, 2023

Artist of the Month winner: Reid McNabb (center). Claudia Caudill, (right) and Kay Hoag (left)

Demo Artist: Darla Bostick

Darla is a Denton, TX resident with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Texas Tech University. She has been involved in the arts since that time as an art educator in IA, AZ, NM, MO, KS and TX. In her personal work she finds the greatest challenge and satisfaction in watercolors and photography. Love of travel is evidenced primarily in her photographic images which later inspire paintings in watercolor or mixed media. Since painting on site is not always convenient when traveling, Darla uses her camera as a sketchbook to capture the colors of a region, its architecture, unique landscapes and the people’s daily lives. She has traveled to 75+ countries at last count. This love of travel initiated her annual Art Adventures Abroad where she takes very small groups with her to learn how to record images through photography, sketches and painting as they create a fun travel journal. She is currently the Past President of the Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth where she served as President in 2020-2021 and earlier in 2010-2014. Darla has served on their Board for 8 years in various capacities. She has earned signature status in several art associations nationally.

Darla Bostick

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