Monday, May 20, 2024


The Art Sale RCAS held at the Huffhines Recreation Center on Saturday, August 13rh was a big success.  Although the attendance was light, we made over $400.  Ron Stephens sold four of his paintings and Jonesy and Mickey sold cards and sketches and people bought a number of books.

Thanks to everyone who donated supplies, books, art and other things.

There were two boxes of really good art books and acrylic paints we were able to donate to the West Dallas Community School as well.  Thanks to Angela Henricks for the connection.  The school has a wonderful art program and were happy to receive the donation.  The school has a wonderful composite painting of Starry Nights which the teachers and students each did a small piece to complete the painting the the stained glass windows in the school are a “must” to see.  The school is located off Canada Drive just North of 30 .

Stained Glass at the West Dallas Community School